Yesterday it was NBA championships and the caves came back from behind 3 to 1 and they had won the past 2 game straight and they were going to come from a behind win. But the warriors were determined to win and win 2 in a row title. But I wasn’t at school cause I was sick but anyway the game had started and the caves and the warriors were pretty much tied until the last quarter the king Lebrun James well that’s what they call him but I don’t cause I go for the other team warriors, but anyway in the last quarter Lebrun played super well and he scored the winning baskets for the caves unfortunely and Cleveland had won there first ever title since an amazing 52 years and Lebrun got the best on ground performance or something like that and h was crying which I would of done. GO WWWWAAAARRRRRRIIIIIOOOOORRRSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Holidays

On the school holidays I went to Queens land Gold Coast we went by a plane and it took two hours to get to Melbourne Gold coast I stayed  in the 65th floor in the circle on cav the view was amazing I was right next to the beach in surface pardise we went with my grandmar from England and my great untie and uncle it was there first time coming to Australia but my grandmar has been sevarl times we went pretty much every were in Australia we went to Australia Zoo, Melbourne my auntie and uncle stayed in Sydney I don’t know were but they stayed in a big hotel in Sydney they went to the popular beach in Australia but my great uncle has something to do with his feet being to cold and if his feet get way to cold and he will have a serious injurey to him and he cold possible could die, we went to Mansfield we stayed at this really old shack that dad friend own it but his mum actually owns it and she is going to sell it to get heaps of money cause I think it has about 60 or 70 agers to sell and Mum said you heaps of lust for ten agers Thank you for listing amd good night BY

Hello world!

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